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Namba Gear 2011 Anaheim NAMM Show

Let’s get to some of the Namba Gear NAMM highlights!

Steinberg Software Testimonial for the Big Namba Studio Backpack

In the opening moments of the first day, Jeff Davis from Steinberg Software came by to give us an update on their bags. Last year Yamaha, who owns Steinberg distribution in the USA, purchased Big Namba Studio Backpacks for all of the Steinberg clinicians and demonstrators. Jeff told us that we represented a First. This was the first time that any bag/backpack has made it a year without being totally destroyed. He said that since their guys are on the go and travel about 80% of the time, that they tend to demolish a bag within about six months. Then they have to carry around this broken down bag for the next six months until they get a new budget approval for replacements. However, the Big Namba’s not only made it through a year of road abuse, but they still look close to brand new!

Aspen Pittman Drags Kava Laptop Studio Bag 20 Miles

Aspen Pittman, founder of Groove Tubes, had purchased a Kava Laptop Studio Bag a year ago as well. Aspen came by with a big grin and with tongue-in-cheek asked for “warranty repair”, while showing us a coin-sized hole in his bag. Aspen told us that he put his Kava bag with laptop computer inside on the back seat of his van, then used his automatic side doors as he settled into the driver’s seat, never realizing that his Kava bag had fallen off the seat, landing on the pavement with strap caught in the door. Aspen then proceeded to drive 20 miles dragging his bag and contents along behind him. He said he almost had a heart attack when he opened the door and saw his bag on the ground hanging by its’ strap, imagining that his laptop and external hard drive were destroyed. But happily that was not the case. Although he did wear a small hole in the bag, Namba Gear did its’ job and protected the laptop. Some companies do drop tests, Namba Gear does the 20 mile drag test!

Namba Gear Owner Woody Moran Opens “Killer NAMM Jam”

On Friday night, Namba Gear owner Woody Moran opened the Killer NAMM Jam show for Chicago blues guitarist Eric Gales. Joined by Christian Martirano (keyboards), Brian Carter (drums), and Bart Broadnax (bass), Woody played some of his acoustic rock originals for a responsive audience. Woody said, “It was a night I’ll never forget. These were all world class musicians. We didn’t get a sound check or rehearsal. I had played with Brian once, Chris had actually played on my latest project so he knew the material, but we had never played together and Bart was a last minute call. What a night.” See the video of the first song, “Walking on a Saturday Night” at

Current and New Namba Gear Artists Visit Booth

We saw so many old friends and met some new artists whom we hope to feature on these pages in the near future. One of the best things for us is when someone who has already purchased one of our products stops and purchases another model or even a different color of the same product they already own. The pictured customer returned to purchase a Shaka Laptop Messenger, Samba Stash Bag and both GoBoard Keyboard Gig Bags. How cool is that? We’ve got lots of People Pictures along with their new Nambas on our facebook page at

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