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Namba Gear Introduces The Killer Bee Collection

We didn’t think it would ever happen, as we were totally against ever having a black bag in our product line. In fact, we even

wrote a blog about it back in 2008 when we were just getting started. You know, how a black bag gets lost in a sea of black bags because everyone has black… how you can never find your black bag in a dim backstage area, etc. So we were explaining this to a potential customer at the Mobile Beat Show in Las Vegas, NV last year. The customer was VDJ Jimmy G from Los Angeles, CA and Jimmy gave us a great idea. Jimmy suggested that we make a black bag, only make the side panels bright yellow and use bright yellow nylon for the interior and name it the Killer Bee.

Jimmy’s approach answered all our objections to making a black bag. So we made up a prototype to see what it would look like. OMG, it looked awesome. At this point, the Killer Bee is classified as a Limited Edition, although we are certainly tempted to add it to the product line. The Killer Bee Collection is in stock and available in the Big Namba Studio Backpack, Lil Namba Remix Backpack, and Samba Personal Stash Bag. Don’t wait! Get yours today from our webshop or from your favorite retailer.

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