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Kava Laptop Studio Bag

The original Namba Gear bag, the Kava Laptop Studio bag was created by our design team of musician’s and dj’s to provide an optimum carrying solution for a laptop mobile studio or computer dj not requiring a large control surface and using up to a 17″ laptop computer. We call it a high performance bag because of the construction detail and the extreme high grade weather-resistant 1680D poly nylon materials that are used.

Nominated for Best Bag/Case of 2008, the Kava bag has many musician friendly details that separate it from the other solutions on the market. Extremely long zippers which allow better packing, a cable management system that makes it easy to keep cables organized, super thick shoulder pad which softens and redistributes bag weight, and even a secret stash pocket (for your iLoks, etc.) are a few of the special features.

Kava Laptop Studio Bag

$79.99 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price

+ Extra Thick Padding
provides the best protection for your stash

+ Adjustable Shoulder Strap
one size fits all

+ Back Material Wicks Moisture
controls shirt stains

+ High Performance Construction
superior high quality ballistic 1680D/PVC poly nylon material

+ High Contrast Interior Color
locate your stash more easily

+ Interior Zippered Pocket
pack all of your personal essentials

+ Back Outside Velcro Pocket (image below)
convenience pocket

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