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Samba Stash Bag

Some people have raised their eyebrows when we mentioned a “stash bag”, but to anyone involved in music it is the perfect name for a bag to carry all of our “personal essentials”, and anyone working in audio seems to have more than their fair share.


The extra long strap on this bag allows the Samba to be worn across the chest or off the shoulder. All Namba Gear bags are made of superior high quality ballistic 1680D/PVC poly nylon material, making them some of the sturdiest on the market - though it's small size may be decieving, the Samba Stash Bag is no exception.


Features include two inside zippered pockets and one outside Velcro pocket. This bag can be used to carry CD’s, memory sticks, iLok, wallet, keys, handheld digital recorder, camera, iPod, in-ear monitors, phone, pen, notepad, business cards and hundreds of other small items that a musician or dj needs to carry with them.

Samba Stash Bag

$34.99 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price
External Dimensions: 7” H x 7” W x 3.5” D
Extra thick padding provides the best protection for your stash
Adjustable shoulder strap - one size fits all
Back material wicks moisture, making shirt stains a thing of the past
Back outside velcro pocket to conveniently stash your phone or other small items
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