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All Good Things Namba – Mthunzi Namba

We thought that we were so clever when we came up with the name of our company, Namba Gear, based on the travel essay about the two Namba tribes of the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. You can read the full story by going to one of our earlier blogs, The Danger of Reading Travel Essays When You Are Trying to Name Your Company.

Since then, we have become aware that Namba is not so unusual a name after all, and in fact there is a  plethora of Namba’s in this world. So, we thought we would bring you our little series of All Good Things Namba.

First up is a clip from the South African Gospel Music Complilation DVD. It’s by Mthunzi Namba, one of my favorite mzansi gospel artists, with Joyous Celebration.  If you are in need of a translation, “thina sithi amen…” means “we are saying Amen…” Enjoy!

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