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Angelica Ross – Namba Gear Featured Artist

Angelica Ross (singer-songwriter)

LOCATION: California

FAVORITE MUSIC SOFTWARE: Reason 3.0 and Garageband

NAMBA GEAR: Big Namba Studio Backpack

Angelica Ross has been a singer-songwriter since elementary school. She learned piano by ear in the 4th grade, and then went on to learn the guitar as an adult. Angelica now runs her own Multimedia Design Studio, Creating websites, Producing Music, Photography, & Graphic Designs. is just what the name implies, her Zen place for creativity.


I’ve been working on my debut recording project, “Journey to Venus”. It’s a collection of songs I’ve written that sort of frame my physical and spritual journey into womanhood. I believe that my songs, my stories, though very unique are very common amongst men and women a like.


What’s best about the Studio Backpack is that it is airport friendly. I was sweating going through security thinking, “NO WAY are they going to let me on the plane with this bag as a carry on. I’m 5’7”, 115lbs, so this bag looks like it weighs just as much as I do. But I got to Chicago and back with all my gear on me in ONE piece, and in ONE bag. Just recently geared it up again for my move out here to Los Angeles. TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE REMOTE RECORDING LOCATION?

I have to say wherever I am feels remote to me. I’ve moved around a lot from Japan to California, when life gives me an opportunity to experience the world, I jump at it. The difference now is I can record the inspiration wherever it happens thanks to my Namba bag.

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