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Coreysan – Namba Gear Featured Artist

Corey Wallace a.k.a. Coreysan (Composer, Performing & recording musician)

CITY: Tacarigua, Trinidad

Corey Wallace a.k.a Coreysan has been involved in music since 1987. This self-taught musician’s musical explorations are as diverse as Trinidad and Tobago, the country from which he comes.

As a Trinidadian musician/artiste, observing his global/universal nature, Coreysan continues to expand upon the scope of multicultural influences available in the Caribbean with the musical culture of both the modern and old worlds, through the fusion of live and electronic elements that find a common ground in his music. He creates music that reaches out to all walks of life, conjuring different ways of projecting a universal message that is mysterious and adventurous, yet digestible by all. He calls this music “Electronic Caribbean World Fusion”.

Coreysan has produced, arranged, recorded and mastered two CD albums, Coreysan (2004) and Light and Shadow (2006) at Khongharhee studios, his studio in Tacarigua, Trinidad. These two CDs featured his original compositions including collaborations with Trinidadian poets and a special collaboration with international recording artiste Remo Fernandes (Goa, India) who graciously plays the Indian bamboo flute on the instrumental Track “Varem” (Coreysan 2004).

In February 2008, Coreysan performed for the first time out of his homeland as a solo artiste at the 12th Millennium Music Conference (MMC 12) held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he left a lasting impact with his Electronic Caribbean World Fusion.

In August 2008, he also had the opportunity to open for the Trinidadian Rapso/World Fusion band “3 Canal” at their concert held at The Cobden, London, England while they were on their European Summer Tour 2008 of France, BelgiumEngland. and

This year (March 2009) Coreysan had the honour of being selected to perform at South by South West 2009 held in Austin, Texas which presented yet another opportunity for him to showcase his work on an international stage. Those present at the showcase thoroughly enjoyed Coreysan’s “off the beaten track” performance, so much that he is planning to do a follow up performance in Austin in the near future.

He has also performed with Trinidadian groups as a session bassist at numerous international music festivals like Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland 2000), Caribbean Roots (N.Y.C 2000), Le Printemps de Bourge, (France 2001), Womex 2007 (Seville, Spain) and France (2008).


Presently, I’m working on new material featuring my recently acquired Theremin, which was given to me by J. Fred Brillhart of Fredrico Percussions while attending/performing at MMC 12 in Pennsylvania, February 2008. My third CD album “In Transit” will be released in the summer of 2009.


“Yes! The Big Namba swallowed my entire mobile set up (E-mu Xboard25, Edirol UA-25EX, Audio Technica M50 headphones, mic & cables, USB and other cables and the list goes on.) I got a little fight with my laptop (17″ Dell Inspiron 9400) which is kinda big for a laptop/desktop replacement these days. It just took a little angling and that was it. Everything fits inside…. WOW! What was more mind blowing was the weight distribution of the backpack. When I lifted it up from the handle, it felt like I had the whole set up in the bag (literally) but when I put it on my back it suddenly felt light, comfortable and well balanced. I am thoroughly impressed with this bag and think that it is an engineering masterpiece.”

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