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DJ Michael Trance – Namba Gear Featured Artist

NAME: Mike Acosta aka DJ Michael Trance (dj/producer)

CITY: Los Angeles, CA

FAVORITE MUSIC SOFTWARE: Ableton Live 8, Pro Tools LE8

Having played across the U.S. and over-seas, Michael Trance is a name that is no stranger to the electronic music scene. From Hollywood’s trendiest spots, such as the Vanguard & Avalon to his current residency on Saturday nights at Circus in Hollywood, Michael has a long history in the LA club scene. Under the names Mike Acosta and Michael Trance, he has done production work and remixes for many big artist names. His sound design and content creation skills have been featured in many keyboard workstations, samplers and groove box musical instruments from Roland U.S.


Currently has been working on new sound sets for the Roland flagship workstation keyboard, the Fantom-G, along with content development for future products. Michael just finished remixing tracks for such artists as Kid Cudi and The Paradiso Girls.


I love the design and comfort of the Lil Namba Remix Backpack. It’s very flexible for me as a DJ/producer with all the traveling I have to do at times and club gigs. I can fit my Macbook Pro 15″ with cables, hard drive, 12″ vinyl and Serato box when it’s club time and a mini keyboard or pad controller when it’s producer time.

It is ergonomically correct for my back and the super cushy shoulder straps make it even better. I also love the fact that the Lil Namba Remix bag does NOT make my back sweat like some other bags I have tried before. There’s plenty of space inside for all kinds of things and it does not look big at all when wearing it and walking into the club (it’s very stylish). I can unpack quickly to set up to play my set and I can quickly pack up once the club is over and security is rushing all the djs to get out. This is a great bag and I would highly recommend it to any dj using their laptop as part of their show. Great job Namba!


As far as a favorite remote location to record, I would have to say outside by my pool or in the airplane. The only thing I hate about working on music during a flight is the nosey person next to me grilling me with 50 million questions about what I’m doing and how is it all possible. So I think outside by my pool would be #1.

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