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Dj Narrative – Namba Gear Featured Artist

Dj Narrative aka Marc Reck

Birmingham, England, UK

FAVORITE MUSIC SOFTWARE: Traktor Scratch Pro, with S4 & 1210’s, Ableton, Anything by Spectrasonics & Izotope.

We met Marc Reck via email when he first had questions about the Big Namba Studio Backpack, wondering whether or not it would hold all (or at least the majority) of his gear. Then when Marc decided to make a purchase we had another issue to deal with as we didn’t have UK distribution for our products, so we helped him hook up with a distributor in another territory to make his purchase. But we soon learned that this man has the drive and energy to meet any challenge.

A quick look through his online EPK and you start scratching your head thinking, how can one individual do all of this? Not only does he perform live as DJ Narrative, but he supports other Djs, Performance & Visual Artists, is a educator teaching technology classes with his Reckorder Workshops, and has a weekly radio show.

A description of his 2011 music production collaboration Slamboree reads: “SLAMBOREE is a brand new LIVE next-level dance music circus band mashing up underground bass-driven beats with live orchestra, guitars, drums, turntablism, live looping, visuals, pyrotechnics and circus!!!!! NOT to be missed (or tried at home). Stomping through breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass, dub, techno, house and electro, whilst throwing in balkan, gypsy vibes for good measure.” Who wouldn’t want to see this show?

TELL US ABOUT YOUR LATEST PROJECT? “Latest Dj Project is my Dj Narrative podcast which features free production tutorials / free multi genres radio shows with turntablism, narrative, & bass (both downtempo & uptempo) & Back catalogue all freely available with links to all artists. Also have a new DJ Narrative album of remixes coming out, which will also be free to newsletter subscribers –

Next gig is supporting the Nextmen & then will be working on our Dj Narrative AV show with live visual mapping with BLEND.”

WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT YOUR NAMBA GEAR BAG? “I looked at loads of bags when I bought it back in 2009 & the Big Namba Studio Backpackwas really the only solution out there for me due to my oversized laptop. I love the fact its really well made, the design is great and looks like a turtle shell, so its not too obvious its got all my kit inside it. It can house my big Dell laptop and the Novation Remote 25sl, and the stash pack carries my recording stuff, iriver & notebooks around. I use it regularly, theres no wear after 3 years, and its my go-to bag when taking my equipment to Dj & Production Workshops or to gigs.”

ANYTHING ELSE TO ADD? “Here’s my entire back catalogue for free download – a-decade-of-mixes-radio-shows-to-download (with links to all artists. 🙂 Namaste”

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