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George Whittam – Namba Gear Featured Artist

George Whittam (voice-over studio & services)

CITY: Los Angeles, CA


George M. Whittam is owner and founder of ElDorado Recording Services. George is a 1997 graduate of

Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Audio Technology with a Minor in Communications. George went on to acquire considerable expertise in music recording by working with various musicians and artists in the Philadelphia area. He also gained broadcast engineering experience working at a radio station in Philadelphia as the remote engineer for the NFL Eagles Radio Network.

George was introduced to the world of voice-overs through a producer at the station, Howard Parker, who asked the station’s engineer to help him build a home studio in New York City. George came along to assist. George later followed Parker to Los Angeles and furthered his already diverse experience by working on over 15 film projects in 3 years as a sound mixer and boom operator.

From a handful of satisfied clients, George has now built a business that works solely with voice-over studios and clients. His extensive knowledge of computers, software, equipment, and troubleshooting abilities makes him a sought after expert and indispensable on-call technician. He is globally considered a top authority in voice-over recording technology. He has invested thousands of hours researching studio design, recording equipment, and creating training materials for voice actors. In so doing, he has also become an industry innovator by developing specialized services that cater exclusively to voice-over professionals.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR LATEST PROJECT. At ERS we use the NAMBA bags to create custom portable recording packages called VO2GO for the traveling voice-over artist. VO2Go’s are portable recording kits built to order for the traveling voice-over actor, using exactly what the individual needs. A typical VO2Go kit includes a Dell Mini 10 or Macbook, Rode NTG1 or NTG3 mic, CEntrance MicPort Pro USB preamp, Source Connect Standard, recording software of choice, Sennheiser PX100 headphones, Stage Ninja Scorpion mic arm, and Namba Gear Shaka or Lil Namba Remix bag.


I first saw Namba Gear at the NAMM show in Jan. 2009 and was immediately impressed with the bags. The color, design, features, sizes, and coincidentally very close proximity to my office, has made a very welcome, convenient, and cost effective addition to my modest but focused portfolio.

Personally, I use a the Shaka Laptop Messenger bag and I put a lot of stuff in there. Typically it’s just my Macbook Pro 15″, a small toolkit, a MicPort Pro (just in case), power supply, and various small cables. Today I had my Powerbook 12″ in there along with the Macbook Pro. The Shaka bag holds everything securely and safely, looks attractive, is comfortable to carry, and the price is right!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR VOICE-OVER CLIENTS AND THEIR NEEDS. My clients take their mic, mic mount, audio interface, laptop, printer, and other items when they travel the world, so the Shaka Bag is a nature fit. They can never be completely unavailable to record a spot for a national TV campaign.

Sometimes a client may prefer the extra space to carry additional mic accessories, a compact printer, or even a change of clothes for an overnight. In these circumstances we recommend the Lil Namba Remix Backpack. It creates a nice step up in protection for your gear, and a lot more compartments to fit it all neatly.

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