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John Scalici – Namba Gear Featured Artist

John Scalici and Samba Stash Bag

John Scalici

Location: Birmingham, AL


Favorite Music Software: Ableton Live

Namba Gear: Samba Personal Stash Bag

John Scalici is an award winning teaching artist, internationally recognized drum circle facilitator, musician, and speaker. His powerful message of Unity Through Rhythm has been featured on campuses across the country. He is a drummer who has played in two national touring bands, written two albums worth of catchy, high energy blues rock songs, and shared the stage with the Allman Brothers, Santana, Widespread Panic, Govt’ Mule, Buddy Guy, among others.

As a solo artist and teaching artist, he has released two highly acclaimed CDs: RhythmMusic and Rhythms for Drumming and Movement.

We understand you’ve got several projects in the works. Tell us about them.

Well, my latest project is band related and really one of my INteractive programs, so here goes.

My music project is called Juka Tribe. The music is part acoustic, part electronic. We use a mixture of computer samples/textures, plus acoustic percussion, electronic percussion pads, live bass, and live spoken word. The music is funky and danceable with tribal beats and ambient textures. The album, called Juka Tribe, will be out in September 2011, and will be available digitally on iTunes and a host of other internet music sites as well as in CD form. For a taste of some live Juka Tribe, you can visit us @ or

As far as my INteractive programs, I facilitate rhythm-based programs all over the southeastern U.S. I facilitated about 100 elementary, middle, and high school programs last year alone! In addition, I facilitate dozens of corporate/business groups throughout the year.

The message is always the same: Unity Through Rhythm. Leading people to lead themselves and become better communicators is something I feel very passionate about whether it’s a group of kids or an office full of corporate executives. In short, my daily life is about bringing drums and percussion instruments to people and helping them to Realize their Rhythm!

What do you like best about your Namba bag?

First, this is the BEST personal bag I’ve ever owned. I like the simplicity and functionality of the Samba Personal Stash Bag. There are just enough little compartments to store your stuff, but not so many that you forget where you put your stuff! It’s compact and stylish. The lighter colored interior makes it super easy to locate objects. One of the coolest things is the logo on the bag!! Goes perfect with my new project, Juka Tribe!!! Thanks for making such an awesome piece of equipment, ya’ll.

Do you have a favorite remote recording location?

Since I’m a drummer/percussionist/composer, I love to record drums in lots of places and create custom loops. One of my most favorite places to record drums is old, empty buildings with tall ceilings. In Birmingham, where I live, we have lots of places like this as well as like Sloss Furnace, a huge old furnace that was a cornerstone of Birmingham’s early success as a steel and metal town. My next project will be to record rhythms on all of the old pipes, furnaces, and pillars that are there. I’ll be keeping all my recording gear nice and safe in my other Namba bags!!

My last comment? Live everyday with passion and conviction, like it was your last. And…life’s too short to stay in bad hotels. Find a nice place to lay your head!

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