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Troy Castellano – Namba Gear Featured Artist

NAME: Troy Castellano (singer, songwriter & producer)

CITY: Harris MN

Hailing from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, the state of ever changing seasons, Troy Castellano is a rock-pop singer and songwriter who’s music has been described as Bon Jovi met the Goo Dolls, got on Daughtry’s tour bus and jammed! Writing and performing music has always been one of the biggest passions in his life. It’s those burning affections that continue to drive his lust for creating memorable music.

Troy’s passion for music started one fateful X-mas when his parents bought him his first electric guitar. Coupled with another gift of music, Deep Purple’s Machine Head album, Troy’s musical fire was ignited with sparks from the soul. That fire has been a non-extinguishable flame that burns strong and bright today. Since those first sparks, Troy has felt that music is the most influential force in the world. As he says, “Music can be the healer, the peacemaker, the influencer, the agitator, and the fire starter. You name it, music has been there in all forms and emotion throughout the history of the world.

Throughout his music career Troy wrote, produced and recorded a full length CD with his regionally popular band the Troy Castellano Group (self titled 1999). The release received airplay on 5 Minnesota radio stations. In 2006 Troy engineered, produced and recorded a 6 song EP/CD called Reliability Test Lab with his current cover/original band, To The Core. A few tracks of Reliability Test Lab received airplay on local stations as well. The band also garnered the cover of the music magazine Stone Roller (March 2005 & March 2006).

In 2008 after a long break from writing Troy was booked at and played the famous BB Kings in Hollywood, CA. Troy’s show was well received and the fire for creating was once again lit. Since then Troy has started to let a few of his recent demos slip out into public. One of those demos is a song named All Torn Up. The song won’s July 2008 song of the month for which he won some great music gear (including the awesome Namba Gear Kava Studio Bag!) and was featured on Indies Top 10 a monthly radio show and podcast.

At this point in time, after gaining some recent admiration and attention for his newest tracks, Troy is making changes in his life to allow more time to write and perform his music.

Troy’s Recent Projects: Troy is currently writing and demoing songs for an upcoming solo album. The album is scheduled to be release spring 2009 and undoubtedbly will contain some of Troy’s best work to date. Also, another new direction that Troy will be pursuing in the coming months is writing tracks for TV, advertisements, and film.

What I like best about my Namba Gear Kava Studio Bag: First off, I really love the durability of this bag! It’s been used regularly since I received it. I’m talking load-in after load-out! If you are a gigging musician you know how fast cases can get destroyed, (especially by the hands of others). I mainly use it to carry my laptop, mics, cords, iPod and accessories. We use a LCD projector at some shows and I carry everything needed in this handy bag (except for the projector & screen). Other great features: very comfortable to carry when full and many storage pockets for keeping things separate, especially those cords that tend to “mate” while in transit!

Favorite Remote Recording Location: Live gigs baby!


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