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Volker Barber – Namba Gear Featured Artist

NAME: Volker Barber of Fast Forward Music (ECHO Award winning recording artist, producer and studio owner)

FAVORITE MUSIC SOFTWARE: Steinberg Nuendo, Scope V5

GIVE US A BRIEF BIO:   I am grateful that music has been my life in many different ways. I started out  playing in bands, winning the German ECHO Award (similar to the US Grammy), I was a demonstrator for the PPG SYSTEM, worked as a keyboardist and arranger for acts like Meatloaf and Milli Vanilli and I’ve built a very successful studio called Fast Forward Music with music composition, production and post pro business here in Frankfurt!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR LATEST PROJECT, RECORDING, OR PERFORMANCE: Luckily it is of great variety. We’ve been doing new brand songs for Adidas and Pharma, working on compositions for a new audiobook for a commercial client, writing the score for a new PC game that was contracted in China.  FFM just wrote the score for a corporate film for ELCOTEC ( NOKIA & BLACKBERRY), we did the composition and production of the title song for Julius Caesar, which aired on German TV and scored a Prime Time “Love story” type of movie.

We also produced the Chinese girl band JADE (4 winners of a CHINESE IDOL type of show), the first Artist out of the PRC to be internationally released. We entered the German sales charts with them. We also produced well over 100 radio shows each 45min, composing all the ads, jingles and trailers. Sometimes we had 4 shows simultaneously on air with a technical reach of over 700 million people. The latest news is that FFM was recently asked to contribute a composition for EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT YOUR NAMBA GEAR BAG?   Fashion, quality and the right idea of storage. With this bag you comfortably carry your laptop and audio interface anywhere. It is a real quality product that looks the part in addition to performing the function. I think that European’s have a sense of style for this type of combination.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE REMOTE RECORDING LOCATION: Well, because our studio is very convenient, I haven’t done a lot of remote recording. However, I have been making a lot of trips to Los Angeles over the past years and my business with Chinese clients has just expanded, so maybe the Namba bag is the beginning of taking my music, Fast Forward-style on the road.



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