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10 Wildest Electronic Music Festivals in the World!

From Matador Nights we learn about 10 of the biggest, longest, craziest, liveliest and most unusual techno, trance, and house music events in the world. From the KaZantip Replublic to Portugal to Oakland to Amsterdam, these rockers party on to the beat of schools out summer good times. Check out the link to see some crazy partying!

Sensation Originally Sensation White, this event originated in and is held during the first Saturday of July every year at the Amsterdam Arena (and in other countries during the rest of the year).

It’s renowned for extraordinary stage shows, acrobats, light shows, and fireworks. All attendees are required to dress in white only, and the arena is decorated to match. House and electronic music are primarily played, and over 30,000 people attend every year.

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