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Woody’s Top 7 Facebook Favs

If you use Facebook and have pretty much anything to do with making music, I’m going to suggest that you Like & Follow this short list of companies and organizations. Click on the name and it will link to their page.

Namba Gear – You knew this one would be on the list so let’s just get it out of the way. The best friggin’ laptop & gear bags on the planet, even if we do say so ourselves. And when you combine Facebook with Namba Gear’s Instagram page, it begs the question; what professional musician doesn’t own at least one Namba Gear bag?

Digital DJ Tips – “Today’s DJs can fit all their kit and tunes in a backpack.” How could we not love these guys? We are so over vinyl and Digital DJ has been leading the way with great product reviews and information on the best use of digital technology for DJs.

Hav A Sole – Rikki Mendias started this organization that gives new or gently worn sneakers to the homeless and disadvantaged. It’s true of everyone, there’s nothing that can compare to getting a new pair of shoes. You walk taller and have more confidence. This is a grassroots organization that is making a positive change in people’s lives.

Live From Daryl’s House – Daryl Hall started Live From Daryl’s House, the free monthly web show in late 2007, after having the idea of “playing with my friends and putting it up on the Internet.” These are simply great shows, with great guest artists (both old and new), with one of the best bands around. Live From Daryl’s House is a perfect example of a veteran artist reinventing himself in the digital age by collaborating with both established colleagues and newer performers.

Artist Relations – These guys specialize in endorsement branding between musical artists, producers, and engineers and gear manufacturers. There are a lot of good reasons for a musician to endorse a brand that they believe in and these are the guys that can make it happen.

ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo – This is the premier music conference for music creators, producers and artists. If you are a songwriter and have the music and ambition, now you have a place to go to further your career. Great networking opportunities and ASCAP is unapologetic in trying to help you monetize your songs.

Brown Bag Gear – There are a lot of stores that sell musical instruments and pro audio products, but there is something very cool and refreshing about BBG’s curator approach to products. The BBG crew is comprised of a pretty eclectic group of folks; recording engineers and road crew, songwriters and vocalists, musicians and producers. If it has to do with music, they’re either doing it or have done it. So, they’ve fashioned BBG to be the sort of place that we would want to do business with whether we are touring or rehearsing for the next show.

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