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How to Create a Music Room That Inspires and Motivates You

Guest Author Erin Vaughan

Here at Modernize, we like to think our artistic talent extends to all mediums. Even if some of us sing like a cat choking on a kazoo, we hold out our belief that one day, with just enough practice, we’ll have thousands of fans chanting our name.

Okay, back to reality. Even if we can’t all be mega-stars, we know there are those of you out there who do need a quality studio–and some great decor to match! A music room isn’t just about equipment—it’s about setting up a space that moves you to artistic heights. That’s why we created this guide to some of the coolest ideas we’ve seen for home studios and musical-inspired decor.

We know you’re with it when it comes to the equipment, so we’re going to assume you know the basics of a good home studio. But just in case, you’ll want to:

1. Choose a Computer with Plenty of RAM 2. Pick a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 3. Buy a Studio Monitor 4. Select a Quality Mic 5. Purchase Some Top-notch Headphones 6. Have Some Extra Cables 7. Get a Mic Stand

Got it? Okay, moving on to the fun stuff!

Neon Rope Lighting We love the idea of outlining your setup with neon rope lighting for a cool club feel. Light tutorial is here. Too busy playing to DIY? You can purchase ready-made lights here.

via Infamous Musician

Retro Style Is vintage low-fi more your style? Then you’ll appreciate this DIY On-Air sign that will transport you back to the era of Jack and Diane.

via The Frugal Girls

Get a Hip Studio Desk A mixing station is basically a captain’s deck for musicians. You’ll have more swag than James T. Kirk with these sweet DIY studio desk plans, and you’ll probably make better music than anything that ever came out of Shatner!

via Home Studio Guy

DIY Your Own Acoustic Panels With just some fibreglass, fabric, and wooden picture frames, you can create your own stylized soundproofing equipment. It’s a great way to get yourself motivated to play—and stay on your neighbor’s good side! We love the idea of using a rad 60s op-art fabric like this.

via AcousticsFreq

Display Your Records–Damage-Free! Your record collection would make Iggy Pop jealous, but its sheer volume is hardly represented on a couple of shelves. How about displaying your records in your music room? There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with some of the greats to bring on the inspiration. And this tutorial is noninvasive, so when you want to, just pluck that LP down and put it right on the stereo.

via blue i style

On-the-Go Style Ready to take your show on the road? Then you’ll love these awesome studio backpacks from Namba Gear. They’re big enough for your laptop and your vinyls! We dig the awesome messenger bag, too, for over-the-shoulder cool.

via Namba Gear

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