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Are The Namba Gear Colors A Martha Stewart Fashion Statement?

I was told the other day that I am “just like Martha Stewart“. Damn, where the hell did that come from? I can assure you that I am not running around clothed in women’s dresses. As it turned out, the comment was aimed at my involvement in all facets of the company; from writing the Namba Gear blog to picking out the Namba Gear colors. (I understand that picking out product colors is one of Martha’s big things). So, I thought it might be interesting for you to know where I got the “inspiration” for our fashionable color combinations.

How Is A Black Laptop Bag Similar To A “Piano Shaped Object”? 

To begin with, every laptop bag company seemingly offers a black bag (not that there is anything wrong with that), and just like looking at acoustic pianos, after awhile, all black laptop bags start to look alike; even if there are major differences in design, construction and quality. Piano stores even have a name for this black piano phenomenon: PSO = Piano Shaped Object.

Although, I wanted Namba Gear to have an identity that would at least set us apart from “the black bags” enough that our customers would give us an opportunity to prove that we were the “best of class”, I had a more important reason to look at colors. This primary reason was based on my personal experience of setting my bag down with a bunch of other black bags in dim lighting and not being able to find my stuff.

I also noticed that if the inside of the black bag looked like the outside of the black bag, (i.e.; black), I couldn’t quickly identify what I needed to pull out of my bag. So the inside of the bag needed to be a contrasting color. My past shame is revealed, I can’t find my own bag in a crowd, and when I finally do, I can’t find my stuff inside the bag.

Apocalypto Provides The Color Palette For Namba Gear

Here’s the “true colors” story; I finally watched Mel Gibson’s movie, Apocalypto. Although I enjoyed the movie, I’ll spare you the movie review. At any rate, the vibrant colors of the tropical jungle of Mexico against the copper earth tones of the Mayan civilization as depicted in this movie were really wonderful.

What got my “color antennae” activated was when the Mayan painted the soon-to-be-sacrificed tribesmen this bold, bright blue and how the blue men were such a great contrast against the brown background color of the buildings. There was also a great combination of bronzed masks and ornaments against the background of green jungle vegetation.

Namba Gear Laptop Bags & Backpacks – Visibility For The Non-Conformist

So the Mayan civilization of Apocalypto inspired the Namba Gear studio laptop bag colors of brown/blue interior and olive green/bronze interior. What about the charcoal bag with red interior you ask? That is from a scene of a fire with the glowing charcoals.

I want to announce that it is offically OK to walk away from black. No monkeys will get hurt in the process. Plus, with Namba Gear laptop studio bags & backpacks, you’ll be able to find your bag and find what’s inside in speedy time.



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