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Searching For Christmas

It is the day after Halloween and the Holiday shopping madness has already started. I just received a "Black Friday Sale" announcement that begins immediately. Wait a second... it's Monday... and Thanksgiving is still 4 weeks away. As my neighbor said this morning, "what the hell is going on?" It's pretty simple really, there is a very good chance that the items that you were planning to gift for Christmas (or other holidays) are not going to be available, and the wholesalers and merchants that have inventory now, may not have any products to ship out the nearer we get to the end of year holidays.

There are ships backed up at the major ports. We have dock workers striking, and there are not enough trucks and truckers to transport the products overland. It is not looking pretty.

However, this is a great opportunity to shop local and shop small business for the holidays. You know, like Namba Gear! Seriously, Namba Gear is a small family-owned business catering to a niche market of musicians and djs. We managed to survive 2020 (the worst year in our history) and 2021 (which comes in a close 2nd), but just like many other small businesses, we could sure use a little love right now!

We have inventory, our warehouse / fulfillment center is getting shipments out within 48 hours, And the best part, we have put everything in our Namba Gear store on sale for the month of November. How could it get better? Free Shipping on all orders over $50.

Getting something for a non-musician? Check out our wearables. Need something for the student? Take a look at our messenger bags and sling bag, all of them make great book bags with room for a laptop or iPad/notebook. A photographer in the family? The Gear Wraps work great for protecting lenses or camera bodies. For the musician? Every musician would love our musician's duffle bag and Namba Gear has set the standard for musician / dj backpacks.

Please take a moment to check out our store and see if there isn’t something “just right” for someone you care about. SHOP EARLY – SHOP SMALL.

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