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Only Problem With Spire – No Bag

A recent Engadget review of the new

iZotope Spire recording studio, which in total was very positive, offered this comment as one of their few criticisms, “My biggest beef with the Spire is its circular form. It doesn’t come with a carrying case and the stubby shape makes it difficult to find a case it’ll fit in. A rectangle or square might not look as cool, but it would be a design that’s easier to shove into a gig bag. The lights on the top are nice visual indicators of what’s happening, but it really doesn’t need to be a circle for that system to work.” Read the entire review here.

iZotope just released the Spire Road Warrior Studio, which includes professional headphones by Audio Technica and a lovely Spire Studio Travel Bag by Namba Gear. We are honored to have been selected by iZotope to design and produce the OEM travel bag for such a timely product.

We just received our own Spire which we will use for songwriting sessions, band demos, recording basic tracks for later production, and recording live shows. We can say with confidence that we highly recommend this product! Oh yes… and get the bag.

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