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Are You Sure That’s Going To Fit?

We got a phone call the other day from a customer (we’ll call him Bob) who had purchased a Lil Namba Remix Backpack to transport his Vestax VCI-300.

We’ve posted photos on both our website and our Facebook page showing the VCI-300 nestled snugly inside the Remix backpack, so we couldn’t understand his frustration when, with his voice pitched one notch below hysteria, Bob told us, “This thing doesn’t fit my VCI-300. You lie.”

“Sir, have you seen the pictures on our website showing the VCI-300 fitted inside the backpack?” we asked.

“You must have Photoshopped them. It doesn’t fit. You lie. This is false advertising.” Bob’s anger now escalating.

Not wanting to even get into the subject of why it would be stupid of us to lie about whether or not a certain piece of gear would fit into our bags, we asked him to follow along with us and we would get his controller into the bag within 60 seconds. Bob was still disbelieving but willing to play along.

“OK, nothing in the large compartment in the back, right? Now, unsnap the buttons connecting the two cloth hinges on each side of the bag, separate the Velcro, and lay it out flat. Place one end of the Vestax into the top of the bag compartment under the handle and lower the other end into the bottom of the bag.”

There was a moment of silence, then “Oh… I didn’t know there were hinges or that you could lay it flat. Never mind… thanks.”

So, here’s the deal, Bob. Both the Big Namba Studio and Lil Namba Remix backpacks have a unique feature of unlocking the cloth hinges, which allows you to actually lay the bag out flat for packing. Due to the shape of the bag and size of the gear, for some controllers or mixers you would need to put one end into the top of the bag first and then the other end slides into the bottom of the backpack. You can watch Laura Escude do this to load her M-Audio Axiom25 with her Big Namba Studio Backpack on the featured video on the front page.

How cool is that?

We know… And this is just one of a plethora of practical and unique features about our bags that make our customers say, “Namba Gear rocks!”

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