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Dennis Cooper Wins Namba Gear Collection In Oasis Grassroots Giveaway

The Namba Gear Crew extends their congratulations to Dennis M. Cooper, winner of a set of Namba Gear bags & backpacks in the Oasis Grassroots Giveaway. The winning collection includes the Big Namba Studio backpack, Lil Namba Remix backpack, Kucha iPad Messenger bag and Samba Personal Stash bag. Oasis CD Manufacturing is the musician’s trusted source for DVD & CD duplication. This is the second time that Namba Gear has partnered with Oasis on the Grassroots Giveaway.

Winner Dennis Cooper seems to have found a great application for every one of his new Namba Gear Collection. Here is what Dennis told us. "These products are amazingly well constructed and designed. My Big Namba Bag contains the following equipment: 17" laptop, studio headphones, studio interface, still camera, two small video cameras, cables, a large diaphragm studio mic, pens, paper, and business cards. The Little Namba Bag contains everything I need for live harmonica performance; Korg multi-effects unit, delay pedal, Audix fireball 5 microphone, muti-tap power surge protector, cables, cable adapters, business cards, download cards and has room left for more! The messenger bag is a perfect fit for my harmonica case and the personal stash bag is just the right size for my guitar/harmonica wireless unit. I’m extremely impressed with the comfort of the Namba Bags when I wear them and the handles and straps are very strong. I recommend them to players and civilians alike!"

Mr. Cooper’s final comment to us had everyone at Namba Gear World Headquarters smiling when he said, "I’m a sucker for bags and cases and yours are the best I’ve ever encountered!"

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