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Digital DJ Tips Reviews Namba Gear’s Juju Magic Bag

We saw a wonderful review of our Juju Magic Bag on Digital DJ Tips website and thought we’d share it with you as they have some interesting observations from point of view of the working DJ. We’ll get you started.

by Phil Morse

Some of today’s DJ controllers aren’t exactly small, and getting them to and from your gigs safely can present a bit of a challenge. We’ve already looked at the Lil Namba Remix DJ backpack, which is great if you have one of the smaller controllers, but what if you have something that won’t fit in a backpack?

Your choice has traditionally been to use a hard wooden / metal flight case, but the trouble is that a flight case can weigh many times more than your controller itself, which in a way defeats the object. That’s where the Namba Juju “Magic” DJ controller bag comes in. (read more)

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