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Going Global With Your Sound

Guest Blog by Michael Cash

The internet allows musical artists to quickly and easily upload their best tracks and show them off to the rest of the web. There are more than a large handful of web sites which are specifically tailored to allow musicians to upload their music for display. Sites such as Myspace, and offer great spots to begin uploading music and gaining an online fan base. There are other places which musical artists should visit, such as Reverb Nation, which offers an unparalleled host of tools which can be used by artists. The website offers marketing tools for reaching Facebook, Myspace, and bloggers all around the world. If you were intending on becoming more independent, and did not want to have to rely upon websites such as Myspace or MyMusicStream in order to gather a fanbase, creating your own web site for displaying music is also a viable option.

Reaching an international audience has never been more realistic than it is now.

With the entire globe connected through the internet, using a web site such as Myspace is practically a guaranteed way to introduce many different people to your music. Myspace is set up intended to make it easier for bands, movies, and art to reach its users, and thanks to the social circles within Myspace much of the music uploaded onto its site is passed from person to person. Myspace has the potential for bands and musical artists to create a sizable fanbase with a negligible amount of work. offers a huge network of music listeners, and these fans often network between each other, spreading music to new audiences. The web site offers royalties for bands and musical artists, and offers a stat tracker which is perfect for keeping track of a fanbase. offers a feature which essentially selects music for the listener based upon their interests, which is a great way of getting music into the ears of those who would love it most.

The amount of features given to the artist on Reverb Nation is simply astounding.

One such feature is the Gig Finder which is a free tool that can assist artists in finding open venues in a specific city. The artist profile is designed to allow musical artists to upload their music, information, and upcoming shows. All of this media and information can then be brought to other websites such as Twitter and Facebook thanks to applications offered by Reverb Nation. The web site puts many of the marketing tools in the hands of the fans which is an excellent means of spreading the word about a great new band.

Some artists prefer to remain independent from these audio hosting web sites, but even the desire to remain independent is not an excuse to remain off the internet. Creating a web page may seem like something that requires a lot of technological skills, but it is easier than it sounds. Not to mention, there are many free and simple instructions available online that give the user a step by step guide to creating their own website. One absolute must for anyone putting music and other media on a website is SSH hosting, which stands for secure shell hosting. This form of hosting essentially creates a direct, and encrypted line between the server hosting the web page, and the computer accessing the web page. Many web hosting companies give their customers the option to enable SSH hosting within the web page admin control panel.

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