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Hot DJ Gear Reviews Namba Gear’s Big Namba Studio Backpack

Fantastic review from the folks at UK based of the Big Namba Studio Backpack.

Namba Gear have nailed everything perfectly, they’ve made an all in one bag that lets us carry a large laptop, controller, headphones, wires and more in one compact bag, whilst these bags may seem on the more expensive side they are actually great value for money. We’ve seen more expensive bags with less protection, cheap zips and material. This Namba bag offers fantastic protection, great build quality and loads of nice extra touches, its hard for us to explain just how good the quality on this bag is, as soon as you see and feel one in the flesh you’ll quickly realise the little differences that make up the quality in this bag.”

To see the complete review and register with Hot DJ Gear for a chance to win this bag go to:

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