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Increase your Music Sales Online

 Guest blog by Elias Cortez

So you are an indie musician looking for a break, waiting for people to hear you and applaud you.  Obviously, that should translate into financial improvements – yours to be specific.  Great, you are born in the right century with those gifts – join the bandwagon of the new age musicians.

Now no more doing rounds of music label companies or sending taped sounds of your soulful bytes, you just need to be savvy on the internet.  Or, maybe you are pretty smart with the computer but, and it is a big ‘but’, you have no clue how to gather a fan base and sell your CDs.  Then read on and follow carefully to become a renowned musician online.

Get a Website

If you do not have a website of your own, get one immediately.  Now to bring traffic to your site you need to advertise it to music lovers and what better way than the various social networks!  You will find certain sites that provide you with graphic HTML links designed and customized according to your liking.  Just paste this link on your website, blogs and your social network profiles.

There are also some sites that can help you with information about a blog or website which can bring in more traffic to your site.  These would be places where music lovers associate and compare notes.  Examples would be and (see screenshot).  It gives you an idea of what clicks and when to become a hit; use that knowledge to progress in your musical career.

Now when there is traffic to your site see that there is enough for them to stay there for long enough to buy your CDs.  Maybe you could have a preview section where they can listen on to your music for free or allow a free download of any one of your songs.  You can even change the tracks of the free download and see which ones which bring back customers.

An interactive section in your website engages the visitors and also feeds you with real time feed backs.  Even criticism has its use because you know where to improve and increase a loyal fan following cum customers.  Do not forget to write beautiful words about your creations on your site and elsewhere.  These should be captivating enough for the readers to explore further.

Digital downloads for buyers are a good income avenue, so keep that option in your site too.  You can also have this option available in the music websites like Amazon MP3 and iTunes.  These are great places where music lovers visit to buy and download music of their choice.  Downloading cards which allows the buyer to download the music from anywhere which you can sell at show and also give your music industry contacts to sell.  The buyer then easily downloads the album or song of his/her choice.

Finally it is important that you make good music, tunes and songs that will capture the hearts of the listeners. Ultimately, that is what you propose to give your fans and it better pass the acid test.  Once you have a fan following involve them to promote your music by giving out referral sales incentive of a dollar for each sale. That could be fun and resourceful!

About The Author: Elias Cortez is a freelance writer and the editor of – a website which provides detailed reviews and information for popular netbook models such as the Asus 1015 pem and the Asus 1215N series. You can learn more about the world of netbooks at his website.

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