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Introducing Namba Gear’s New Gear Wraps

Throw Away Those Raggedy Towels.

Product Page-GearWrap

This Gear Wrap Idea Is Too Easy.

We thought that this product would be so easy to make. After all, it is just a square piece of cloth with Velcro corners, right? Well the Gear Wraps took well over a year to bring to market. First we discovered that our China factory does not have a superior grade of the soft Velcro cloth that we needed for the backing material. In fact it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in China. With only one or two opening and closing on our prototypes we started losing the soft cloth, after about 30 times there was not much left to hold it closed. We thought that the problem was with the corner Velcro fasteners, so we started searching for a better hook and loop fastener which lead us to a company in Germany that makes the best Velcro tabs. So we changed the corner tabs out and still had the same problem. We went looking for a better and better soft Velcro cloth which lead us to a company in Japan that makes THE superior grade of soft Velcro. Then we discovered that we needed to upgrade the non-scratch nylon interior cloth, which we had to source in S Korea. Whew, over a year later and a dozen or more prototypes and we finally can introduce the Gear Wraps.

What Fits Inside A Gear Wrap?

So you may be thinking, I don’t have anything that needs an extra layer of protection. Really? How much did that condenser microphone cost? How will you do the show without your MIDI controller? Wouldn’t it suck to lose all the data in your external hard drive? We don’t mean to be fear-mongers’, but if you can show your gear a little extra love and protection, and it doesn’t cost very much to do, why wouldn’t you?

How Does The Gear Wrap Work?

And for you guys that like flow charts, click here to see how the Gear Wrap works.

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