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Kemper Champions Namba Gear Sling Bag

Christoph Kemper of Kemper Profiler Amp fame and Woody Moran of Namba Gear have been friends for 15 years or so. At the 2017 NAMM show Christoph showed Woody his favorite bag; a well used, larger than typical, sling bag that was starting to fall apart. Christoph told Woody he loved the bag because it was just the one strap (Europeans are not into backpacks like in the States), and it was still big enough to carry his laptop (and an EDM controller), which most sling bags couldn't do. We used Christoph comments and went to work on designing the Machu Sling Bag.

Thank you Christoph for your advice and encouragement, and we hope you enjoy your new Machu Sling.

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