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Most People (and the people you choose)

"Most people want you to make something cheap, write something short, share something funny, and fit in.

But the people you serve… they might want something else.

The few people you need to thrive in your work might want you to write something they’ll remember for a long time, or to take then on a journey that’s thrilling and challenging and unique.

Or perhaps these are the people that want to buy something that costs a lot but is worth more than it costs.

It’s okay to say, “it’s not for you,” to most people.

In fact, that’s the only way to do work that matters."

from Seth Godin

Well, what in the world does that have to do with Namba Gear bags and backpacks? Frankly, we build products that are "not for you" to most people. As an example, most people want a backpack with many external pockets for hiking, As part of our security system, Namba Gear puts our pockets on the inside and provides a lockable zipper. We do this because we know that our clients may have as much as $4,000 of gear in their bag; laptop(s), software, hard drive, mics, cables, audio interface, flash drives, control surface. It all adds up and it's our job to provide security and protection! You see this idea of security and protection across the board in all Namba Gear products.

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