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LinkedIn @NambaGear

After visiting with our Namba Gear customers at ASCAP Expo Hollywood, Mobile Beat Las Vegas, DJ Expo Atlantic City, and BPM Birmingham, UK last year it became very clear just how professional and business-like our customers are. We realize that about 80% of the musicians and djs out there either don’t work enough to warrant a purchase of Namba Gear or decide that they can get by with a Walxxxt (discount store) purchase, perhaps because they just travel locally. The remaining 20% are our potential customers. Always learning, always seeking to better themselves at their performance & craft, totally pro and understanding of the need to safely transport and protect their gear.

So it was with this understanding that we decided to expand our social networking going into 2014 to include LinkedIn. We immediately discovered that not only were our customers happy to welcome us to LinkedIn, but supporters from other areas of the industry including other gear companies and even some media followed us on LinkedIn.

So if you are on LinkedIn, please take a moment to follow us at: Thank you all for your continued support!

Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter as well.

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