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Messenger Bag Blowout Sale


Our messenger bag  inventory is too high. We closed our Rotterdam warehouse last year and moved all of our products to the Los Angeles, CA facility. Once it was all in one place, we realized that we need to sell some messenger bags. Like… right now! So our excess inventory problem becomes your opportunity to get a really great messenger bag at a great price. If you’ve been needing a new bag to carry your laptop or iPad, or even to carry mics, cables and stomp boxes, this is a right moment to get a new messenger bag. Hurry and make your selection now. This is a limited time offer. Products are limited. Click on the name of each bag to find out the super low price.

“The Kava has enough pockets for everything – two hard drives, my USB interface, the laptop, power supplies, my notebooks and calendars, pens, USB hubs, wireless mouse, phone, earbuds, iPod, iLok, firewire PCMCIA card and notes for my next meeting. This is New York City people; we don’t have cars. We have to carry it.”

“My laptop is a portable studio as well as my lifeline away from the studio. I carry demos, record sessions all from my laptop and audio interface. I put my gear thru a lot, and safety counts! I’m a “bag guy” and I’ve gotta have a great bag. That’s why I chose the Shaka Laptop Messenger bag.”

Jeff Rona (TV & film composer, Chicago Hope, Brotherhood, Exit Wounds, Traffic), Los Angeles, CA

“I LOVE my Kucha iPad bag! This bag is so awesome. The quality is very high. The quality of the stitching on that bad boy is bulletproof. No loose threads or ripping fabric. I have jammed mine full of my iPad, gear, mics, pens, phone & cards & it has carried the day. Anyone that is looking for a lightweight, high quality carry bag for their iPad or other portable electronics can’t go wrong with Namba Gear!”

DJ Dr. Drax (ADJA National President & Executive Director) Glendale, AZ

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