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More Tips On Registering Your Songs

Library of Congress Reading Room (Copyright Office to the left, please)

You may have come across our previous blog Protect Yourself, Three Little Known Tips to Registering Ownership of Your Songs. If you haven’t read this blog, we still highly recommend that you do, but now we have a nice little update.

All of the information contained in the previous blog is still applicable for snail mail registration, but we recently discovered that the United States Copyright Office has finally come out of the Dark Ages and joined the rest of us. In the past, you could find the copyright registration forms online, but had to complete them and send them by post along with a hard copy (CD, DVD, cassette tape) of your song(s).

Now you can simply fill out the copyright registration form and submit it along with an MP3 or your song(s) AND they give you a $10 discount for registering via the internet.

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