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Namba Gear Interview on CelebEfex

Namba Gear owner Woody Moran's interview on CelebEfex talk-radio with James Walsh covers some interesting stories. Hear the interview -

* "Getting Stoned With The Savages"

* What makes Namba bags high-performance?

* Can I say strap on?

* Music by Paul Simon and Woody Moran

* Michael Brecker - I was levitating / where's one?

* Songwriting with a co-writer

Namba Gear is a proud sponsor of the CelebEfex Show featuring James Walsh. While you are on the CelebEfex page, you should check out the SPECIAL OFFER for fans of the CelebEfex show. For updates on who is going to be on the show and stations that carry the program, check out their Facebook page.

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