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Namba Gear Launches Musician & DJ Lifestyle Bag with Samba Personal Stash Bag

Sometimes the best ideas sneak up on you. An old friend and recording artist approached me at the January NAMM Show in Anaheim. He was wearing the coolest small bag slung across his chest and I immediately had to find out about it. He told me that he had picked up this “stash” bag in a dj shop in New York, but had subsequently been unable to find another like it because he wanted to get a couple more to give them as gifts to musician friends. Then he started to tell me about all the different ways that he used the bag…

In a promotional setting, he could fit about 5 or 6 demo CD’s inside. For recording sessions, going back and forth to the studio, he used it to carry his iLok, memory stick & CD-R’s.  He used it as his remote recording bag to hold his handheld digital recorder and in-ear monitors to do field recording or capturing samples. And of course as an everyday bag to carry the stuff that you would typically spread into a four or five pockets in your clothing.

I got him to dump his bag out so that I could see what he had in it and was amazed at how much this little bag could carry: a wallet, business cards, note pad, couple of pens, camera, memory stick, cell phone, keys, chewing gum & breath mints; and there was still room in the bag. Wow, this little bag was amazing. “You know,” my friend said, “Namba Gear should make a little stash bag like this. I bet there are a lot of guys that would really dig this.” So that’s how we got the initial idea for the Samba Personal Stash Bag.

Measuring 7″ x 7″ x 3.5″, the exta long strap allows the Samba Personal Stash Bag to be worn across the chest or off the shoulder. Features include a metal clasp,  two inside zippered poskets and one outside Velcro pocket, and can be used to carry CD’s, memory stick, iLok, wallet, keys, handheld digital recorder, camera, iPod, in-ear monitors, phone, pen, notepad, business cards and hundreds of other small items and personal essentials that a musician or dj needs to carry with them.

The Samba stash bag is made of the same high performance, weather resistant, 1680D/poly nylon materials and construction as the rest of the Namba Gear product line. The bag is available in Mayan Brown, Olive Green and Charcoal Grey. And yes, we got the official seal of approval on the Samba Personal Stash Bag from my friend.

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