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Namba Gear Partners with

I absolutely hate manuals. Let me say it again… HATE. Typically dry, boring, bad illustrations, written from a prototype hardware product or 0.9 software version that never includes the final fixes (no wonder they seem so poorly written). That’s why I was so happy to discover, whos’ motto is, “cause reading the manual sucks.” Ha! I knew I wasn’t alone. is dedicated to providing the highest quality, easy to use on-line, video based training for the audio recording enthusiast as well as the working professional, and they got it right!

If the time and energy required to read the manual has become your learning disability, kiss your “mental block” goodbye. Looking through the audio titles is like being the proverbial “kid in a candy store”.  And they are consistently adding new titles to their library to ensure that you have all the tools at your disposal to create the best music.

Is this awesome, or what!

Take a look at a few of’s newest titles from the common to the esoteric:

  1. What’s New in Pro Tools 7.4

  2. Torq with Xponent

  3. Building Your Own GTR FX Pedalboard

  4. Cubase 4: The Essentials

  5. Ableton Live 7

  6. What’s New In GarageBand ’08

  7. Acoustic Guitar Miking Techniques

  8. Preparing For Mastering

  9. FM8 – FM Synthesizer-Native Instruments

  10. Essentials of Podcasting

  11. What’s New in Propellerhead Reason 4

  12. Apple Logic 8

  13. Miking Techniques for Drums (studio)

  14. Analog to Digital: How to get sound into your computer

  15. and the ever popular titles such as Drum Tuning and Maintenance, How to Relic A Guitar, and ProTools LE (a comprehensive tutorial just under 10 hours!).

Constantly being updated, offers two simple ways to subscribe: $199/annually or $19/monthly. Both options give you complete access 24/7 to over 1200 tutorials on over 40 subjects. also sponsors regular FREE podcasts available on, and on the website.

Register Your Namba Bag, Get 1 FREE Month of

Now get this, when you purchase a Namba Gear bag or backpack and register your Namba bag online using the UPC code on the hangtag, Namba Gear will give you a month of subscriber service to check it out. Decide for yourself. If you are like us it is pretty easy to get hooked on the idea of getting the most out of your gear for what feels like a very reasonable price. Cudos to Joe & Thiel, the co-founders of Learning audio has never been so easy.




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