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Namba Gear Recommends Blue Comet Cafe

I received an email invitation today that spoke about an upcoming showcase May 19th at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA which would be filmed for the Blue Comet Cafe. Since I was not connecting all the dots, I followed the link to discover a very cool new resource for us.

Radio has vacated its traditional role as the gateway through which new talent finds it’s audience.

Citing that radio has “vacated its traditional role as the gateway through which new talent finds it’s audience, and thus creating the need for another way for fans to find new music”; the Blue Comet Cafe is a virtual showcase club. It features top-level artists performing live and presented in streaming video that can be viewed on demand or downloaded.

I found the front-page, featured artists were all unknown to me, but every one of them was an exceptional talent and deserving of our support. The brainchild of Larry Ahern and Tom Crosthwaite, Blue Comet Cafe is accepting video submissions (hint, hint). Video channels are Dance, Jazz, Rap/Hip Hop, Soft Rock, Blues, & Sailaway Collective. Namba Gear says, “check this out!”

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