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Namba Gear Relocates to Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR - Namba Gear World Headquarters

We just completed the transition of relocating our offices from the Los Angeles area to Portland, Oregon. That’s right, we got caught in one L.A. traffic jam too many where a 35 minute drive turned into almost 3 hours. Portland is home to Nike and the independent musician’s distribution mecca, CD Baby, and we love the views of majestic Mt. Hood and the many rivers. If you look at the photo above, the Namba Gear Worldwide Headquarters is just out of frame to the left… about 10 miles. Let us know if you are in town and we’ll schedule a tour.

You will note that the contact information on our Contact Page has been updated to reflect the changes. However, we are retaining our Los Angeles warehouse and fulfillment center, only the offices moved to Portland.

 Namba Gear is set for delivering high performance transportation solutions for the 4th quarter of 2010. Many thanks to our wonderful dealers, resellers and distributors for all their help while we made the transition. Most of all, thank you to our customers for believing in our products and for your kind support.

your friends at Namba Gear

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