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Namba Gear’s 2009 NAMM Show Roundup

Welcome to our little roundup of some of the more interesting things that we saw at NAMM this year. Our first photo was a performance of a Mexican mariachi girl band. They were a cross between traditional mariachi music and the

Gypsy Kings. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find out their name.

Namba Gear’s 1st NAMM show and we had a great location in the middle of the technology companies thanks to our friends at

Bias software. If you look closely, you can see the M-Audio Axiom25 in a Mayan Brown Big Namba Studio Backpack on the top shelf of the display.

We had been asked to find out if the new Vestax VCM 600 DJ controller would fit inside the Big Namba Studio Backpack, so we went on an expedition to find out. The answer is YES; because it is thin, we can angle it into the top of the controller compartment and it fits perfectly!

Excited that our initial expedition went so well, we went looking for other cool things to put inside the Big Namba. We came across the dedicated Ableton Live controller built by Akai called the APC40. Huston Singletary gave some great demos using this controller at the Ableton booth.

The next day we went over to the Native Instruments booth to check out their new sequencer controller named Maschine. This one fit into the Big Namba Studio Backpack with plenty of room to spare. The pads were responsive and it’s sexy too.

Akai also had a new 25 key MIDI controller with trigger pads called the MPK25, so we put it into the Big Namba just to make sure. Yes, another controller fits the mold.

Marcelo from Brazil

We had quite a few interesting Namba Gear sightings while at the show. We saw Broadjam’s Jesse Spohn walking around with his

Kava Laptop Studio Bag. Marcelo Haddad from Brazil had his Big Namba and a big smile for the show.

Our next door neighbor was this cool guy from Orleans, France named Larent Sevestre. Larent had this incredible mastering tools software called

FLUX. I tried to capture the screen graphic in this photo because it was one of the most beautiful software graphics I have every seen. After hearing me rap about the Namba bags every day, even Laurent had to get a Shaka Laptop Messenger to take home.

Namba Gear also signed a representation deal for Latin America with Chris Adams of

Studio Sound International. Chris is going to help us bring Namba Gear products to all the musicians south of the USA border. Pictured is Chris Adams and “yours truly” at the Namba Gear booth.

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