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Namba Gear says, Win a Major Label Contract

IMSTA Song Competition

IMSTA Song Competition In Association with AKON’s HITLAB

The IMSTA Song Competition is an international contest open to anyone with original songs that are recorded as high quality demos or master recordings. All genres of music are welcomed, and there are no limits to the number of songs that each contestant may submit.

Your songs are uploaded as MP3 files and analyzed through HITLAB’s DHS technology. Submitted songs are compared to the hit songs of the past 6 years and given a score based on 78 different variables. The song with the highest score will win the IMSTA Song Competition. First place winner will have a chance to sign with a major Record Company.

Furthermore, your score will determine whether or not your song has the potential to be a hit. A score of 70% or higher means that your song is very appealing and has the potential to be a hit. Therefore, even if you are not a winner, you will still benefit from having your song(s) analyzed and scored. This feedback is priceless and very important to both established and new artists. The contest ends on May 31, 2010. For more info, click here.

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