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Namba Gear Sponsors Disc Makers Home Studio Handbook

Every time we turn around, the guys over at Disc Makers are doing something else to help musicians better their careers. Namba Gear is honored to join Taylor Guitars, Aphex, Apogee, and Musician’s Friend among others as a sponsor of Disc Makers Home Studio Handbook. This is such a great handbook, easy to understand, with chapters on Home Studio Acoustics, Recording Tips from the Pros, a very complete Microphone Guide, and much more. This guide is offered for free when you inquire about using Disc Makers services.

Here is an excerpt from Recording Tips from the Pros, “If you’re recording an acoustic guitar, violin, piano, sax, or any acoustic instrument, and you play it near a wall with a lot of glass and wood, you’ll get a more reflective sound than if you’re up against a baffle. If you’re recording an amp, play around with different spots until you get the right tone for the track.”

We had to show you our favorite page from the handbook.

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