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Namba Gear Studio Backpack Perfect Fit for Akai’s New APC40 Dedicated Controller for Ableton L


Akai APC40 dedicated controller for the Ableton Live software fits perfectly in the Big Namba Studio Backpack.

The first time I heard about Ableton Live was the Frankfurt Musik Messe trade show of 2002, when I was VP Sales & Mrktg for M-Audio. My old friend, Craig Anderton, grabbed me and said, “you’ve got to come see this new software.” He pulled me over to this small green booth where I got my first “hit” of Live. I was impressed. Within a few months after the show, we had struck a deal for Western Hemisphere and UK distribution and introduced Live. All of that is simply to say, I’ve been an Ableton Live fan for many years.

I was recently speaking with a reviewer for Future Music, and he said, “The best thing about the Akai APC40 is that it encourages you to use Live in the way it was intended… On Stage.” Why was he talking to me? He needed to get a case for his new APC40 and he had heard that Namba Gear had the solution with the Big Namba Studio Backpack.

It seems that the word is out on the forums, chatrooms and twitter. The Big Namba Studio Backpack has room for up to a 17″ laptop, headphones, audio device, cables, mics and your Akai APC40 with room to spare.

Congratulations to Akai & Ableton for making a wonderful product. A big Hooray for all of the Ableton users that we have such a great new tool to use with our music. And if you need to take it to a gig, don’t forget about Namba Gear.

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