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Namba Gear XXL Road Pack–Is This The Largest Backpack On Earth?


You’ve Heard the Rumors, And It’s Better Than You Imagined.

The Namba Gear crew was attending the BPM Show in Birmingham, UK and two Irish guys walk up to our stand. "Your gear knapsacks are brilliant, yea. But do you have anything big enough to fit my NI S4 or a Numark NS6?"  That was the question we kept getting at the BPM show and it really was one of those light bulb moments.  Guess we need to make a big backpack that can hold the Traktor S4 and other large controllers and gear. We got a prototype made and showed it at several expos earlier this year, NAMM, Mobile Beat, ASCAP Expo, DJ Expo and frankly it got a little tense when showing the prototype because EVERYONE wanted to take it home.

Here we are, almost a year later after all of the design and testing; the new Namba Gear Double XL Road Packs have made it through the dock workers strike at Long Beach and are ready for immediate delivery from our Los Angeles, CA warehouse.

The XXL Road Pack will hold your controller or guitar pedal board or hard to fit 37 note keyboard, plus your laptop, cables, headphones, microphones, external HDs and much more.  It’s made from the same 1680 Ballistic nylon that the rest of our high quality carrying solution are made from, so you know you’re getting some serious, heavy duty and durable protection for your gear while still being comfortable. We’re not going to tell you it will get you laid, but… you will look damn good carrying your gear.

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