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Portland - Art or Graffiti?

Since Namba Gear is based in Portland, OR and we've just been through a long period of BLM protests with Federal troops dispatched to "quell the riots" we thought we'd show you some photos that don't get much media attention. Much has been made about the graffiti on the Federal Building in downtown Portland following the BLM protests. It's not very pretty, stretching up about 10 feet, but easily painted over. And it was interesting to note that the police blotter of arrests from the beginning of the protests listed most arrests as "violent terrorists" and their crime was listed as "graffiti". Are they serious? Violent terrorists with a spray can of paint?

The protests did result in many downtown businesses boarding up their windows to insure that they didn't get broken, even though the conflict was only in the block surrounding the Federal Building. The boarded windows provided a canvas for more extensive graffiti, or is it art? You decide. Most to these photos are in and around Pioneer Place. All photos by Amanda Dexter Alwine. (click photo to enlarge)

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