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Shaka Laptop Messenger Bag Perfect Fit for iPad plus 15″ Laptop

Have you been looking for a solution to carry both your iPad and a 15 laptop? Namba Gear’s

Shaka Laptop Messenger bag works perfectly for this situation. Let’s face it, as cool as the iPad is, it doesn’t take the place of a laptop… yet. That means that you need a solution to carry both your iPad as well as up to a 15″ laptop. We have a long-time friend that travels frequently and was mentioning the need to carry both products and was asking us if we had anything that would work. He grabbed a Shaka bag and proceeded to put his 15″ Macbook Pro in the laptop area and his iPad, which was in a case, into the 2nd large pocket of the bag. Voila, a perfect fit. Here’s a picture to show what we mean, although that’s a 15″ Toshiba going into the laptop pocket.

Another great use for the Shaka Laptop Messenger bag! Plus there is still plenty of room for your handheld digital recorder, phone, cards, pens, flash drives and other personal essentials.

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