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Sneak Peek at Namba Gear’s Award Winning New XXL Roadpack

We haven’t even shipped a single piece of our new “big phatty” backpack, the XXL Roadpack,  and it is already winning awards. NAMBACKER NATION, the manufacturer’s networking association that does sweepstakes promotions, gave our new Namba Gear prototype backpack the award for Best Carrier Solutions at the January 2014 NAMM Show. Well,  guess that settles it. We’ll have to go into production after all.

This bag is 3 inches taller than the Big Namba Studio Backpack. While the basic design and feature set is identical to the Studio & Remix backpacks,  the back controller compartment is 1 in deeper and 1 in wider so it should be a great fit for Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 and other controllers that are in this range. Look for it around May of this year.

Namba Gear XXL Roadpack wins Best Carrier Solution at NAMM Show

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