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Tom Oberheim and Roger Linn visit the Namba Gear booth NAMM 2015

We thought that our new show location was going to be a huge improvement over the past couple of years, but didn’t expect it to feel like home. At the front of the aisle was the Hammond Organ booth and across from it the Nektar keyboard booth. Steve and Greg from Hammond are both proud owners of Lil Namba Remix backpacks while Niels and Greg at Nektar are friends from M-Audio days. They asked us to enlarge the GoBoard MIDI keyboard bags to hold the top of the line Nektar controllers, which we are going to do.

Across the aisle from us was Roger Linn, famed in song and story for the ground breaking LM1 drum machine and the continuation product, the Akai MPC60. Roger has an amazing new controller called the LinnStrument that we highly endorse (and it fits in the new XXL Road Pack – see photo).

And right next door was synth legend Tom Oberheim’s Marion Systems. Marion reintroduced the Oberheim Expander Module several years ago, but now Tom has brought back the Oberheim Two Voice which features a step sequencer. It looked like the Two Voice would fit in the Juju Magic Bag, but it was about 1/2 inch too deep. We’ll fix that on the next production run of the Juju bags and make sure that it fits next time. (see photo).

Check out our Namba Gear Facebook page for more photos from the Anaheim 2015 NAMM show.

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