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What Is An OEM Bag?

Kemper Profiler Guitar Amp Bag

Kemper Profiler Guitar Amp Bag

OEM means “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, so when we talk about OEM bags it means that Namba Gear will make bags for you with your branding. We can take our current bags & backpacks and embroider your logo, or help you custom design a bag for your specific product or needs.

We shop the China factories to place your bag with the best factory for your project. We also have a factory design team that can help modify a design to optimize manufacturing, keeping quality at the highest level while lowering costs. We even make bags for the medical equipment industry that must be ROHS approved where we handle the approval certification as well. You can check out some of our OEM bags here. Got a bag idea? Contact us, Subject Line: OEM Bags

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