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Which MIDI Keyboard Controllers & Computer DJ Controllers Will Fit Into the Big Namba Studio Bac

As the Namba Gear designers were doing their research on the ultimate perfect size for the Big Namba Studio Backpack, they were also keeping in mind the current carry-on size restrictions of the airline industry. Although there is a standard, which is 22″ x 14″ x 9″ or 45″ total, every airline has their own size restrictions which can sometimes vary even within a single airline depending on the size of aircraft or the attitude of the check-in agent.

So we had to look at both the exterior size of the backpack as well as try to maximise the interior space to include the largest number of controllers. M-Audio’s Axiom25 was chosen as the measuring stick, because we knew that if we could get this “big boy” to fit and still follow the airline restrictions that we would be in good shape with most of the controllers on the market.

This lead to the development of the unhinging side on the large compartment, so that the backpack could open 180 degrees and the controller could actually be packed into a flat case.

Unfortunately, that did leave a few controllers unprotected and stranded on the sidewalk because they were just too big to fit our criteria for us to recommend them for the Big Namba.

The Korg25 is listed at 19.25″ inches long and although it is only .25″ longer than the Big Namba Studio Backpack’s interior dimension, it stretches the bag uncomfortably. The Novation XioSynth 25 which has on-board sounds as well as being a MIDI controller is a little wide at 12.54″. Likewise, the Stanton CM.205/CM.203 dj controllers are just a little fat at 4.29″ depth to recommend packing alongside your laptop. These Korg, Novation & Stanton controllers can be made to fit, just not with our recommendation considering the bag design. The Yamaha KX-25 at just under 20″ long and the Korg MicroX at 23.86″ long will not fit; don’t even try.

So what controllers do fit inside a Big Namba Studio Backpack?


Alesis PhotonX25Behringer UMA25SBehringer UMX25Edirol PCR-M1Emu Xboard25M-Audio Oxygen8M-Audio MidAir25M-Audio KeyRig25M-Audio Axiom25Novation SL25Novation ReMote LE x25 

DJ CONTROLLERSBehringer BCD3000DJFeenaKontrol KDJ500M-Audio XponentVestex VCI-100Vestex VCI-300

Alternative ControllersAkai MPD16M-Audio Trigger FingerM-Audio XSession ProKorg PadKontrol

The result is a backpack that will accommodate a majority of controllers and should still fit in the overhead compartment of most airlines, bearing in mind that each airline can change their minds about size restrictions and some smaller planes will simply not accommodate anything much bigger that a construction worker’s lunchbox. Sorry about having to include the caveat, but it is true.

So what did we miss? If you have a question about whether a particular controller will fit inside a Big Namba Studio Backpack and it is not on the list, please comment and let us know so that we can investigate.

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