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While They Last, Limited Edition Killer Bee & Midnight Blue Bags On Sale

About a year ago, inspired by the team colors of the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos, Namba Gear created the elegant Midnight Blue series of products, with a bright orange interior for added darkened room visibility. About the same time, VDJ Jimmie G from Pasadena suggested that we create a black bag with bright yellow side panels and interior specifically targeted for DJs and Producers and name it, the Killer Bee.

From the beginning, both of these color combinations were intended as limited editions. Unlike other companies, we never added a premium charge for our two limited editions, they have always been priced exactly the same as our regular factory colors. So it is probably about time to let everyone know that our stock levels are getting low on these products and when they’re gone… they’re gone.

Namba Gear Limited Edition June Sale

We’ve noticed that many of our customers come back and sometimes purchase the same bag in a 2nd color, or purchase a different bag for different applications, so to give you a little extra incentive to do the same, and help us clear our stock: Here is a 25% off discount promotion coupon to use in our Namba Gear Web Shop when you purchase any Killer Bee or Midnight Blue bag or backpack during the month of June 2013. That’s right ALL of the Namba Gear limited edition Killer Bee and Midnight Blue bags and backpacks are on sale for June. Just enter coupon code TribalDrums1306 on checkout for your 25% discount and our thanks for subscribing to the Namba Gear Tribal Drums Newsletter!

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