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Do I Have To Clean Up?

No gigs because of Covid-19? Already practiced your instrument? You ate your peanut butter & jelly sandwich? Watched the 1950’s film channel including Attack Of The 50 foot Woman and The Creature From The Black Lagoon? Well then, it must be time to organize your stuff in preparation for that day when you can get out and play some music again.

More than likely, you already have your charts organized. But look over there in the corner and what do you see? Cables (and more cables) and headphones and wall warts and assorted percussion and noise-makers (a kazoo? Really?). What you need to do is get all of your stuff that you have to take out with you organized ideally in one location; Like say, a Taga Duffle Bag from Namba Gear.

Let me show you how I have organized my stuff. I am a singer-songwriter, so I was a bit surprised at how much stuff I have that I take out with me. Prior to getting the Tag Duffle, it was scattered between various bags, with some just lying loose in the back of the SUV.

Pictured are: 2x Blizzard LED Lights w/ 2x AC Cables, 1x Yamaha 6-channel mixer w/ 1x AC Cable & wall wart, 1x Telefunken microphone, 1x backup microphone, 2x XLR mic cables, 1x LR Baggs PreAmp w/ 1x AC Cable & wall wart, 1x Boss Vocal Harmonizer w/ 1x AC Cable & wall wart, 4x ¼” guitar cables, 2x XLR (backup) mic cables, 1x 20’ AC extension cable, 1x LP Studio Shaker.

Now, here is everything organized and neatly packed away for the next gig. On the left side are the two Blizzard lights (one is wrapped in a Namba Gear Wrap), Yamaha mixer with the shaker on top. Next is the Velcro divider which comes with the bag. Then on the right side is the LR Baggs preamp, Boss harmonizer, and most frequently used cables. The other cables and wall warts are packed away inside the large side pocket. The two mics are in the far end pocket. And the end pocket to the left is empty. Not bad.

The bag comes with both a carry strap and shoulder strap. One of the best things is that both top and bottom are zippered “lids”. And the entire bag is padded for extra protection with rubber stand-offs on the bottom to keep the bag off of a wet pavement. BTW, our designer for this bag is also a drummer, so he made sure that his kick pedal would fit inside. The Taga Duffle Bag is a life-saver for any musician.

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