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Namba Gear Announces Jim Mouth’s Rose Bowl Sit-a-thon for Charity, July 7-11

Let Your Ass Work for Charity & Earn Yourself Another World Record

Jim Mouth, my personal friend, a great drummer, comedian, and the “Super Stadium Sitter” is at it again! He plans to sit in all 92,542 seats at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA, the grand daddy of all stadiums, without stopping. He will commence at 10:00 a.m. on July 7th and hopes to sit in the last seat five days later.

The event is free and open throughout those five days and the public is invited to come out and watch and chat with the outrageous Jim Mouth, the holder of 23 world records. Jim expect to wear out five pairs of pants during those five days!

The Rose Bowl Sit-a-thon is sponsored by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! and all donations and pledges will go directly to the charity Outward Bound Los Angeles. Outward Bound’s mission is to help provide low-income at-risk urban youth nature-based education that promotes positive self-development, environmental responsibility and outdoor career exposure. 

Jim’s many renowned and novel stunts have achieved national and international coverage. Included in those are such amazing activities as stuffing 280 drinking straws into his mouth at one time, crawling 25 miles on his hands and knees, simultaneously smoking 159 cigarettes, and playing the drums for two weeks non-stop.   

He has already sat in all the seats at the University of Michigan’s stadium of the Big 10 and now wants to do the Pac10. Many of Jim’s stunts have been performed on behalf of various charities to raise public awareness and to bring in thousands of dollars for the needy.

Jim plans on going full steam for the first 48 hours, will take a 2 hour sleep break and start back up for the next 48 hours. We want to encourage everyone in the Los Angeles area to come out to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena along with the crew from Namba Gear and encourage Jim, as this is a huge endurance test for the human body & spirit.


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